The Mayan Civilization Between 300 and 900 A.D.

The Mayan culture is recognized today as one of the most important ancient civilizations in the world.

This archaeological guide is designed to visit 24 Mayan archaeological zones in the three states of the Yucatán Peninsula: Quintana Roo, Campeche and Yucatán; and the state of Chiapas.


In this eBook, the Ultimate Archaeological Route, you will find the most relevant information about 24 Mayan sites. Where to go, to stay, what to visit, what you need… Everything for making your Mayan roadtrip the most amazing adventure of your life. 

The Mayan culture, after its apogee, disappearing afterwards in a manner still unexplained by many, and the main Mayan cities of the classic period (so conventionally
called by archaeologists) having been abandoned.

One of the deepest mysteries in the ancient world.

This route is designed to be traveled by road.

 However, it is fully compatible with the Mayan train route
that will start operating in 2024.

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